Love is like the medicine like the medicine
to little of's not effective
but to much of it could be proven fatal

how does it work..still unclear

onset..are variable
and it got half life too

what's the right dose?'s's different for each people

and like opioid(morphine ,etc)

it makes u fly to the seventh heaven...
it makes you crave for it..little by little..u want more..
it has withdrawal effect
when u don't get it enough..the pain will scorn at u..and you need it right away to stay alive

love is like cancer

no symptoms when it still small..u won't realize it until it get big and give significant symptoms



  1. andai wanita mudah indonesia mau kreatif seperti ini, alangkah bangganya para leluruh pejuang bangsa, selamat dan salam karya...good luck....